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Jay Michelsen, Attorney

Practice Areas

Criminal Law


The experience of defending and prosecuting DWI offenses, drug offenses, and other misdemeanor and felony offenses, gives me the unique experience of being able to analyze a case  both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.

Family Law



Divorce, Adoption, Child Custody, Modification of Decrees and other family matters.

Texas Real Property


Wills & Estates


Texas Oil & Gas


Common patterns in oil & gas ownership, property issues unique to oil & gas interests, oil & gas leases, titles and conveyances.  

Trademarks & Copyrights



Trademark searches, due diligence, applications, substantive examination of applications, and office actions. 

Subject matter and the scope of copyrights. 

Author of Stewart v. Abend,  Continuing rights of ownership  sections 7 (derivative works) & 24 (copyright renewal).